It takes a village to raise a great show!!

I just completed my MICF season of my 4th solo show, Victoria Healy – Hello.

It was critically and commercially successful. No I didn’t get a TV deal or become a millionaire but from the goals and expectations I set myself, I achieved and excelled. I can put this down to a lot of hard work and learning what works/doesn’t work from previous seasons.

But it takes a village to raise a great show.

Here are the list of people that helped me with this baby. Some directly helped, some just showed their support and some are just an inspiration but they all played equal parts.

To Josh Dore, Angela Thompson, Andy Matthews, Celia Pacquola, Tegan Higginbotham, Adam McKenzie, Liam Ryan, Lisa Dib, Jo Bella, Peter Jones, Courtney Sage Hart, Rob Hunter, Jason Geary and Josh Kerr,

I thank you.