cleaning ones own heart

Thanks Melbourne Fringe show for infiltrating my dreams.

Last night’s dream was about cleaning out my own chest cavity. I popped all the organs in a sink and started cleaning them out. Chunks of blood dripping out of the aorta and trachea branches.

Then I popped them back in carefully. By this stage, I was feeling a little woozy and the thing that worried me most was stitching myself back up. Ewwwwww gross. Did I mention I am extremely squeamish?

Project 2012

My new solo project for 2012 is….


Check out this promo I created to try and get the Melbourne Fringe organises interested in the show. They didn’t even look at it. Trust.

I’ve since confirmed the dates, the 3rd – 8th of October at The Portland Hotel.

Also I’m super excited about the show’s image that I commissioned by the very talented artist/animator Kate Moon.

Fringe Image

I reckon it looks a lot like me, not sure about the insides though.

tis the season

The next few weeks are full of Christmas shows. This is good except I’m not very festive. I gave my BF sock and underwear the last time I gave him anything on Christmas morning – I think that was in 2007! But a lot of my gigs coming up will be Christmas themed and so I have started early this year with trying to get into the holiday’s mood.
Cat Christmas song