“Victoria Healy may well be the next Judith Lucy or Fiona O’Loughlin.”Laneway Magazine Mar 24 2012

“well thought-out caricatures…deliver the laughs”Theatre Press Apr 3 2012

“Healy’s got the goods – charm, neat character voices, a wide range of expression…” – Herald Sun Apr 4 2012

“Her jokes are clever and this is one show that is reliably funny.” -  The Pun  Apr 5 2012

“Her characters are spot on. Healy pinpoints the Australian male voice with alarming accuracy…” – Squirrel Comedy Apr 8 2012

“You may not know such names as Michael Workman, Victoria Healy or Asher Treleaven now, but odds are you soon will.” – The Age (Comics stand up to the screen test)  Apr 14 2012

“There’s a breezy nature to Healy’s presence on stage.” – The AU Review Oct 4 2012

“Healy is a quick-witted and talented comedic performer, who is only getting better and better at her craft.” - Squirrel Comedy Oct 5 2012

“…her observations are entertaining, her humour disarming and her delivery dry and unflinching.” – Adelaide Advertiser Feb 19 2013

“Healy comfortably takes on the crowd making them laugh and squirm.” – Weekend Notes March 28 2013

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